Treatment Center

The Basics

A Sober Way Home is a residential treatment center where men & women struggling with substance abuse and addiction—and all the life problems that come along with it—can take refuge and begin their recovery process with the caring staff at A Sober Way Home. Situated in Sheffield, Alabama, near the big city, this alcohol and drug rehab doesn’t just treat addiction; it helps men & women get back on their feet through GED education, vocational rehab and sober living.

A Sober Way Home opened with a vision of wanting to help men & women deal with the struggles of addiction. The treatment program is 12-step based and open recovery based allowing access to sponsorship and outside meetings. However, A Sober Way Home is not a one-size-fits-all program—they believe in using a mixture of treatments for the mind, body and spirit and tailor-making every men & women’s journey at A Sober Way Home their own.

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