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Abilene Behavioral Health

Abilene Behavioral Health

The Basics

Abilene Behavioral health is a residential treatment center where men & women struggling with substance abuse and addiction—and all the life problems that come along with it—can take refuge and begin their recovery process with the caring staff at Abilene Behavioral health. Situated in Sheffield, Alabama, near the big city, this alcohol and drug rehab doesn’t just treat addiction; it helps men & women get back on their feet through GED education, vocational rehab and sober living.

Abilene Behavioral health opened with a vision of wanting to help men & women deal with the struggles of addiction. The treatment program is 12-step based and open recovery based allowing access to sponsorship and outside meetings. However, Abilene Behavioral health is not a one-size-fits-all program—they believe in using a mixture of treatments for the mind, body and spirit and tailor-making every men & women’s journey at Abilene Behavioral health their own.

Accommodations & Food

The accommodations at Abilene Behavioral health are homey and uplifting. Formally the newly renovated residential building offers colorful and inspiring rooms for men & women, allowing them to personalize their living space for the ultimate feeling of comfort. Televisions and personal cell phone and computers are not allowed but clients are allowed to have iPods to listen to music on the weekends (must bring headphones). There is a community TV that is used for scheduled movie nights and special events. The facility also has an on-site fitness room and exercise is allowed during free time, which is before 9 am or after 4 pm daily.

The food at Abilene Behavioral health is described as basic and home-style; imagine if your mother cooked every meal for you but she wasn’t that great of a cook. However, residents are allowed to cook for themselves and each other so you could be in luck if you get housed with some drug-addicted protégé of Paula Dean.

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Treatment and Staff

Upon admission, new clients are given a personal evaluation by one of Abilene Behavioral health’s trained and qualified addiction counselors wherein a plan of recovery is mapped out. Although every client is different, Abilene Behavioral health adheres to a three-phase structure when appropriate. These phases include the structure phase—which provides clients with a daily schedule, from 9 pm to 4 pm, of therapy groups, classes, and counseling. This also includes  relapse prevention classes, group therapy, individual counseling, life skills and anger management, family group and education, HIV awareness program, 12-step meetings, GED classes (if necessary), Workforce certificate and college coursework. During this phase, peer support specialist and addiction counselor live at the residential facility and are available for guidance any time of the day or night.

After the structure phase is complete, clients move on to the transitional phase, which adds employment opportunities through Vocational Rehabilitation, as well as more functioning within the outside world. The purpose of this phase is to ease newly sober clients back into real life while maintaining continued support through counseling, groups and peer advocacy. This helps clients build self-esteem, gain confidence and properly adjust to their new life.

The third phase is the sober living phase, which Abilene Behavioral health aims for all their clients to get to. This is where men & women are moved into independent living with other sober men & women but maintain accountability to the program to help them stay on track. This is a crucial phase in long-term sobriety as it sets men & women up to learn how to love themselves and be proud of their self-sufficiency. The program still provides counseling for clients on an as needed basis.

The program at Abilene Behavioral health is solid and structured. The pros are that the less a person had to spend financially on their education and time in a classroom, the more affordable they tend to be to employ, keeping the cost of treatment to a more affordable rate. Also, the hands-on experience often means they’re in also recovery, which is always more effective when it comes to helping other addicts.

There are five CPSS (Certified Peer Support Specialists) on staff as well as one Registered Nurse who does medication management and one Licensed Social Worker. They also have a spiritual director on staff that strives to help the men & women of Abilene Behavioral health develop or strengthen their relationship with God or a Higher Power.


Abilene Behavioral health believes in a well-rounded program treating all aspects of the mind, body and spirit that are affected by addiction. For this reason, they offer alternative holistic treatments as a part of their program. These include art therapy, music therapy, activity therapy and equine therapy. However, unlike many holistically motivated rehabs out there, Abilene Behavioral health doesn’t offer yoga or anything of the like. Meditation is only introduced and practiced as a part of the 12 steps, not as an integrated part of their program.

In Summary

While alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation are the focus on Abilene Behavioral health at this time, they have aspirations to eventually treat men & women who are battling other disorders as well as struggling with dual diagnosis (mental health and addiction). Since the program at Abilene Behavioral health is for men & women in recovery and run by those currently in recovery, you can be assured top treatment.

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